Keep Art Alive :: “Contemplation” :: Art by Bec Winnel

So much stays unknown till the time you are strong.
Did you imagine you could ever feel so strong,
And all your pain just turns into relief?
All your doubt becomes your own belief?

Time (rewind)
by me

My how strong you are
and oh my love
how many troubles you can bear
you are my hero
my heroine
an angel in my time of need

but angels fall
wings rip at the seams
and all that weight eventually breaks us down

And in the silences you can hear the crash
the shatter and slash of just too many times
with every tear shed
with every vanishing act
another year collapses
another scar appears

You were my sinful savior
all disregard and die in my arms desire
I carried all your wayward confessions
in the crook of my neck
in the corner of my soul
until there was no room for my own

And now you run off into the shadows
playing hide-and-seek with yesterday
disappearing into the “I never knew you at all’s
and perhaps we didn’t
perhaps it was all a series of disguise
trading future for past
taking all our memories to the neighborhood pawn

Except that chain of gold
except for an album full of songs
except for the promises made when we were younger than our years
and that album full of fading photographs

But no one wants to buy our goodbyes
not this time

Pass In Time (live) :: Beth Orton

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