Keep Art Alive :: “Uma” :: Art by Bec Winnel

Give me a reason to love you.
Give me a reason to be,
a woman.”

Ex marks the spot
by me

We have reached an impasse
a cross in the road
with you on one side
and me somewhere across the way
throwing stones and seashells at each other
trying to make it stick

The caution signs were all lit up
red flag warnings flying
and we knew the dangers
the cryptic complications
the rings around these rose and feathered winds
yet we kept holding tight

There are still your finger marks on my hips
you left me trigger ready set to go
and I know I left lipstick stains
in all those secret places
you stare wide when you pull back the bed sheets
wondering if the stains will stay

In awhile all this will flicker and fade
no matter the reasons
or how we still feel
the pavement is cracked and each pot hole askew
the route to each other leaving permanent damage
the kind no pill can chase away

I keep waiting here for your reasons
as you keep asking for my hand
but the bus ran all the lights
pushing us over and running right though
there is no room in this delusion for any of the truth
so just lie to me and go

Just lie and say
that this mess we made
is love

Glory Box :: Portishead

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