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Keep Art Alive :: “Aztec Orchid” :: Art by Bec Winnel

You said you’d take me nowhere,
I said that suits me just fine.”

Desert deserter
by me

The sun was barely rising when we crossed the state line
the place I’d called home long gone in the rear view
my hands smelling of last chance for twenty miles gasoline
and yours smelling of the same cologne my Grandfather wore
destination completely unknown

When we were far enough to not turn back I asked you to pull to the side
throwing my shoes in the backseat I took off running
the desert sand burning hot on my skin
I screamed into the great nothing as I threw his ring out into the air
this is it and this is nothing and this is everything right now

And you just watched me from the driver’s seat
lighting a cigarette as you stepped out into the sun
Half of me wanted you to chase after my shadow
the other longing for you to up and leave me be
I could just become part of the prickly plants and dull, dry air

But I’ve never gone off on my own
partners and prisoners always linking to my winding chagrin
these sins they need a passenger to open this wide
and I look back at you now and wonder
if I will remember your last name when the morning comes

Because eventually the end will arrive
as it always does
when I rise at dawn to leave you behind
dust settling in these squinted eye memories
nothing but tire tread abandonment for us to become

Rise :: Azure Ray

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