And I want you :: SOTD

Untitled“It’s savage and it’s cruel,
and it shines like destruction,
comes in like the flood,
and it seems like religion.
It’s noble and it’s brutal,
it distorts and deranges,
and it wrenches you up,
and you’re left like a zombie.”

(#ThrowbackThursday – old writing of mine)

(by me)
originally written in March 2002

This room
in the lighted corners of my mind
dimly lit
soothing shades

I see you there
tangled in the flannel sheets
your hair a mess
peaking out at me
a long and lazy Sunday lies open
for the taking

I want to slink
into the unconscious
of desire
let the shades melt
into me

our hair braiding into each other
the strands colliding
a million wordless conversations
through our eyelashes

(i want the clock to stop
fly out the window
never come home)

we paint the story of where to go
long strokes
moments of vivid color
shaky lines
circular middle going on for decades

and you know this paint will dry
our names becoming visible
leaking out of the canvas
dripping to the ground

this door
and all the others
they spread out down the hallway
i walk by
look in
shut them
lock them
envelop myself in them

there are too many conclusions
I need the usher to come and take my hand
show me to my seat

play me the movie of what will happen
over and over
one continuous loop
let me see
beyond the credits

with you

Love is a Stranger :: Eurythmics

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