“‘Cause I want whiskey when I’m sick,
and a man when I’m well, 
but it’s nice to have them both sometimes,
when I feel like raising hell.”

Hotel Room Redemption
by me

You come to me in sheets of threadbare linen
tangling between my limbs
the sweat of Summer and misbehavior clinging
to my lips dry trembling out your name

Your touch disrupts the dreaming
a sudden shock underneath such calloused hands
the strings they leave impressions on every finger
that you use to play out your confessions
on my skin

And you know I can’t say no to you
and you know just how I’ll give in
but in the morning when you leave me in all this lying
well the truth won’t be recognizable anyway

So, just leave the window open on the way out
the city’s poison will quell my lingering pain
each scar will trace a map of recurrent indecision
kissed clean with all my rose red forgiveness
on your skin

You know there’s nothing to see here
nothing to save
just the midnight shuddering of something
that we once gave our names

Thin Line (live) :: Honeyhoney

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