Don’t spare me one bit of your love :: SOTD

“I am yours to bear,
your mine to share my days with now.”

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This world is ours and we will stay

A Storm is Coming (live) :: Carl Barat & The Jackals

“I don’t mind,
I know a storm is coming;
things won’t ever be the same again.”

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I wanna be adored

I Wanna Be Adored :: The Stone Roses
from the album, The Stone Roses (1989)

“I don’t have to sell my soul,
he’s already in me.”

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Just hear this and then I’ll go :: SOTD

“Did you say ‘no, this can’t happen to me,?
And, did you rush to the phone to call?
Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind,
saying maybe you didn’t know him at all?
You didn’t know him at all,
oh, you didn’t know.”

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Wrap Your Arms Around the Wonder of it All :: A Playlist

Wrap Your Arms Around the Wonder of it All :: A Playlist

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They’ll never forgive you but they wont let you go

Don’t Look Back Into the Sun :: The Libertines
from the album, The Libertines (2004)

“But then they played that song at the death disco,
it starts fast but it ends so slow,
and all the time it just reminded me of you.”

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Remembering the defect at the heart of every promise

To Be Completely Honest (live) :: Dawes
from the album, All Your Favorite Bands (2015)

“To be completely honest,
I think I know how it ends,
the universe continues expanding,
while we discuss particulars of just being friends.”

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Eurythmics :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Eurythmics :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

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Everything I want is in this room :: Monday Movies

Frankie and Johnny (1991)
Written by Terence McNally (play and screenplay)
Directed by Garry Marshall

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When it costs too much to love :: SOTD

“I said, ‘Honey, I don’t feel so good,
don’t feel justified,
come on put a little love here in my void,’
he said,’it’s all in your head,’
and I said, ‘so’s everything’
but he didn’t get it;
I thought he was a man,
but he was just a little boy.”

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