Keep Art Alive :: “The Kiss, New York City” :: Photo by Penny De Los Santos

We could take the subway home,
and stare at our reflections,
in the window panes of the train,
and see how much New York has changed us.”

New York City
by me

We are the juxtaposed images of freedom and fate,
ever weaving into one reflection,
arms crisscrossing around each other,
escaping regret with discarded forgiveness.

I said, “I’ve never been to New York City“,
and you laughed and asked,
then why is it all I can see in your eyes?
question marks knitting into your crooked gaze.

Perhaps we will go there someday,
we promised in those early morning hours,
within the coffee stained confessions,
of this tongue-tied romance.

You said, “come with me to the place I grew up“,
and I smiled and asked,
to the place that you couldn’t wait to leave?
misunderstanding tight-rope teetering off my dark eyelashes.

Maybe we can go when the dust settles,
we agreed with misguided hesitation,
as we stood like tourists by the shore,
twirling wedding bands into sugar-sweet betrayal.

Somewhere out there our fractured selves made it,
to the city that never minds an insomniac lullaby,
or two lovers who break promises with every step they make,
somewhere in that far off city we are every late night promise.

Instead of all this shattered reality we have become.

All the Way to New York City :: Rosie Thomas

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