Keep Art Alive :: “Perhaps” :: Art by Audrey Kawasaki

“Time flew away,
but something won’t forgive it all,
days and weeks,
let’s start from the beginning of a life.”

by me

Her insides are freezing
despite the Summer heat dripping off the peeling paper walls
cloying to the second hand box springs

The deafening sounds of no phone ringing
feels like a promise split in two
but the static is to strong to be the first to bend

So she breaks instead
replaying moments and memories
like old vacation slides projecting on a fold up screen

When he was inside her everything unspooled
movement cracking the coils and wind-up insecurities
every secret and lie spreading open and expanding

All that freedom and flying and fucking and feeling so finally seen

But the sun came up to remind her
running shoes tossed somewhere so out of reach
but her wings still protruded out of each shoulder blade

Cutting through the sheets
dislodging his touch
expanding as she took to the sky

Leaving her nothing but this icy sense of loneliness
a splintered glass severing the image inside
wishing he could change her again

But her lips are too blue to open
her voice too cracked to call
and all this is just an insomniac’s dream after all

Sense :: Pete Yorn

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