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Keep Art Alive :: “Stay With Me” :: Art by Audrey Kawasaki

“Out of a dream,
out of the sky.
Into my heart,
into my life.”

At first sight
by me

Strangers dancing circles around trading glances
spun out and turned around into a something
one stepping forward while the other stays still
the hesitation of words wrapping into a barely there sighs
everyone holds their cards so close out in these streets

He is younger than his numbers
eyes small and squinting in the sun
a deep laugh that will linger long after they turn to go
she will recall the sound later lying naked in her room
tossing around ways to bring it to the surface again

She is older than he sees her
age tucked tail and hiding under such pale skin
she’s become an expert at this game of disguises
wearing painted on masks of contentment and ease
never showing the shakes and shivers waltzing inside

But he can pull it out of her
every turn key revelation
and all her never told tales
she let him in already
trusting his strong arm embraces and cheshire smile

Don’t talk to Strangers
didn’t they teach her that in school
yet something inside claims to know him already
some dime store recognition echoing someone else’s life
that she so wants to fit into

Maybe this time it will stick
maybe this one will stay
maybe they got it all wrong in those elementary lessons
are we all not nameless faces in this once upon a time
just trying to belong

A Face in the Crowd :: Tom Petty

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