Father’s Day :: Butch Walker

“So here I am,
all bittersweet and dirty feet,
runnin’ as fast as they can.
Where do I go?
Without you,
heaven only knows.”

This day has historically been a tough one for me. My Father left when I was very, very young and never came back around. I found him in my late twenties, only to have him disappear again. My oldest had a disappearing act Father, too, and my youngest two, well they lost theirs when he passed away five years ago.

I did get lucky though to have grown up with a Grandfather who gifted me with a love for the travel, of roadside attractions, bad jokes, and a warmth and trust of people that I will forever cherish. I also have a wonderful Stepfather who came into my life when I was already an adult, but who has been so giving and loving to me, and my children, much more than my own ever was.

The day is still hard, though, and fraught with tangled up emotions. I am forever envious of those who have had great relationships (not perfect, but great all the same) with their Father’s, especially growing up. And my heart goes out to those who have lost their Dad’s, the ones who stayed in their lives until life took them away. To those Dad’s, the good ones, the ones that tried, and still try, to the ones who take in children and become Dad’s to them despite biology (it takes more to be a Dad than a Father), and to those who are gone from this earth, but never forgotten – Happy Father’s Day.

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