The Dove And The Wolf :: The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever
June 17 & 19, 2015 :: Hollywood, California


The Dove And The Wolf :: The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever
June 17, 2015

Sometimes an opening band comes along and sweeps me off my feet, surprising and delighting me, and turning me into a near instant fan. This is not a common occurrence, and seems to take place the most when the headliner actually has a say in the openers, and not just a record label dictating who will open a show. Anyhow, when it happens, it is magical, and one of those moments when you unintentionally meet-up with your next favorite artist, band, or in this case, duo. Paloma and Lou are The Dove And The Wolf, and they were have been touring with Butch Walker for the last two months. It was at the last two shows of the tour, both nights at my favorite Los Angeles venue (The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery), that I found myself falling hard for their gorgeous melodies and poetic lyrics. It was at those two shows that I became a fan of The Dove And The Wolf – and you should, too.


The Dove And The Wolf :: The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever
June 19, 2015

Born and raised in France, one in Paris, and one on the French Caribbean Island of Martinique, Paloma and Lou started making music in 2004, and recorded their first EP in 2012. A debut album is said to be in the works, and let me tell you, I will be first in line to make it mine on the day of its release. I was lucky enough to purchase a lilac-colored vinyl at the show, as well as picking up a few more for my best friend, and my daughter.


Sonically speaking, The Dove And The Wolf call to mind Nico and Lou (The Velvet Underground), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Beth Hirsch (especially her work with Air on the album, Moon Safari), duo Azure Ray, and the soundtracked trio, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch. All that said, this duo transcends all those musical comparisons, becoming something beautifully hypnotic and utterly magical. I do wish I could have recorded every song sung live during those two nights, even their cover of My Way, but alas, for now, I have the single above, and what is available to stream on Spotify, at least for now.

I Want You To Know (live) 

Some of my favorites of the nights were I Want You To Know, Insane, In Love and He’s Going East. Though honestly, I loved every single song they sang, as well as the back-up support, and harmonizing they did with Butch Walker later in the night (especially their cover version of The Rose, sung with Butch).

The Rose (with Butch Walker)


Besides being insanely talented, Paloma and Lou are witty and quite lovely, and kindly graced me with this photograph, showing off some stellar rock tee shirts given to them by Butch Walker. I encourage you all to check-out their music and fall hard for their sounds and songs like I have. You can start here on their website, or their blog via tumblr, or here on Spotify. If you love it like I do, and I’m betting you will, head on over to iTunes and buy their EP. 

The Words You Said

7 thoughts on “The Dove And The Wolf :: The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever

  1. Lovely & warm, I really like it. Sometimes I hear something new and it seems pretty good but then I can tell that later I won’t be interested, there wasn’t enough to bring me back. This is the opposite of that. I can tell I’d want to hear this late at night in the car or laying in bed with headphones or in the hammock in the afternoon or something…. Played “I Want You To Know” and now playing “The Words You Said” I hope it all sounds this way.
    I will check out more tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your discovery.

    This recently happened to me too, being swept off my feet by the opener and yep, it was one the headliner brought along.

    1. All your “places” that their music seems to be suited for that you listed are PERFECT…especially late at night/through headphones.

      I love being swept off my feet by an opener. It doesn’t happen frequently enough to take away the surprise of it, you know? And yeah, it really does seem to be most often when a headliner brings them along. Thanks for listening!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed! I can’t wait until a full album is released, as there were songs that they played live that are not available yet – and I want them to be.

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