Hellhounds of London and Will Rothhaar :: The Hotel Cafe
June 13, 2015 :: Los Angeles, California


From the first time I saw London Shover perform, opening for Tony Lucca back in 2012, I have been a fan. Those who have been around lyriquediscorde.com probably already know this as I’ve written about his music for years now, and featured past live reviews, a review of his album, and London also participated in the Keep Art Alive :: 10 Questions feature (see here). London is one of the most talented musicians I’ve met in a long, long time (and I listen to a ton of music). He is incredibly talented, and with he addition of his new band, The Hellhounds of London, his talent has evolved exponentially, and is not only a band to watch, but one you should be listening to RIGHT NOW.


I had the chance to catch London and his new band, along with longtime collaborator Will Rothhaar, at the Hotel Cafe this past Saturday night. They blew me away! The addition of the obviously seasoned and skilled band to London’s vocals, and song catalog, took his music to a new level. There was a blues/rock/New Orleans-ish/edginess to the music that elevated London’s voice, and the inclusion of the full band seemed to add a dynamic to London’s songs and singing that I’d never heard before; sometimes it was an undertone of a rasp/growl I heard, sometimes it was a boost of emotion that seemed to ricochet off the mic and into the audience, and other times it was just this perfect collision of sound that lit up the room, and our ears. I only wish they’d been able to play a longer set.

An added treat was hearing London and Will perform a favorite of mine, Building a Bridge, the first song of theirs that I fell hard for.

Watch this space for upcoming news on Hellhounds of London, and if you get the chance, check out a show.


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