Top 10 Movies of 1988 :: #TBT

Top 10 Movies of 1988 :: #TBT

Though I know I went to the drive-in movies as a child, it is my late teenage years, and early twenties, that I have my biggest drive-in memories of. Whether it was with a group of friends, or a particular boyfriend who had a penchant for going to drive-in double features two or three times a week, especially in the Summer, I have so many vivid recollections of piling in a car to watch, or bringing along folding chairs and blankets to make it a makeshift, after dark picnic. Hey, I even left my virginity behind during a showing of 1988’s Licence to Drive at the drive-in, so how could I ever forget?

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It moves like a Summer breeze :: SOTD

“My love for you is long,
it crossed the oceans on a sail.
My love for you is true,
meanings change but not the tale.”

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