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Keep Art Alive :: “Concessions” :: Art by Ariel DeAndrea

I wish that I could follow through,
I know that your love is true,
and deep,
as the sea.
But right now,
everything you want is wrong.
And right now,
all your dreams are waking up.
And right now,
I wish I could follow you.”

by me

I dream of you underwater
hands breaking the surface
reaching out
pulling me under

You dream of me dancing
circle skirts spinning in the sun
reaching out
pulling you in

But in the morning
everything is nothing but pavement and pain
as you stand there in the early morning rain
wanting to wake me

June gloom grey painting
like the shadows under our eyes
as you sing me a surprise
and I turn away

I dream of us leaving
arms raised to the sun
everything before just a rear view reflection
everything before a good riddance

I dream of us
sinking and spinning
dancing in the disregard
running away

Honey & The Moon (live) :: Joseph Arthur

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