Just you and me and the Mediterranean Sea :: SOTD


“You lie beneath the shade,
writing songs all day,
into the summer haze,
and in the evening,
we go stealing,
out beneath different stars.
Night would hold us,
and gently fold us,
we’d lose our minds,
in tiny bars.”

Let’s Go
by me

in the space of what if and let’s just pretend
where the haze of sleep never disappears
where you and I walk right out into a Summer day

and at night fall naked into unmade beds
wasting away hours writing beginnings on each other’s skin
that is where all this potential collides with the sun

but in these rush hour days of gridlocked predictability
where choices dictate who we share our space with
where medications are what we stir into our morning coffee

traveling from each pointed corner to the next
until all this bending finally breaks all our intentions
that is where we make this lover’s plot into complication

so darling let’s traverse our wearied minds
across the oceans
across the doubts and delays

let’s meet in the streets of some unnamed cafe
like in an old black-and-white screen flicker love story
where once upon a time turns these ripping tides into smooth sailing

would you be there if I said let’s just go

Sicily :: Youth Group

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