You could have stayed on ‘til June :: SOTD

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“It’s alright if I was older,
it’s ok to lose your age,
and I want to follow you,
I do, I do.”

Hello June
by me

A new month begins
another set of dates that count down to something more
and we’ll wait it out with miles in-between us
for the end of Summer to come

But this right now is not even the start
yet some times it feels just like an ending
all the in-betweens stuck together

Still the day rises high above the swaying palm trees
they bow before us with a wink and a nod
as if they know our secrets
even the ones we choose to ignore

And you know I want to be there
even when the asphalt burns the path to your door
I’d gladly scorch my skin to be beside you

But for now we have to stay this way
for now we have to be long gone
except when certain songs play on the radio
and the numbers that make us another year older fade like the setting sun

Feel the Valley heat and the Santa Ana winds
as they brush distance across our skin
and just know I am waiting despite it all

Take a deep breath
and sing us another wordless hello
because darling it’s June

June :: Pete Yorn

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