Dawes :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Dawes :: My Favorite Artists/Bands Tomorrow night I am going to be seeing Dawes perform live for the first time at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, inside the Masonic Lodge. As I listen to their past three albums, and the first two tracks from their upcoming one, I am realizing just how much their music means to me. So many of their songs have made their way into a variety of playlists over the last few years, as well as played muse to my writing more times than I can count. Two songs in particular, Time Spent in Los Angeles, and A Little Bit of Everything, were integral parts of big decisions I made in my life in terms of where I chose to call home (at least for now), and more consequential, where my heart chose to belong to.

When all I want is you :: Monday Movies

When reviewing a list of favorite movies of mine recently I discovered an interesting trend in titles and genres. I noticed, that among the three-hundred plus films, the selections that would fall into the love and romance category are mostly from a decade (or more) ago, and the ones that would be segregated into the cringe-worthy “Rom-Com” category ( I hate that term), they all seem to have been borne of the 90’s, wavering with hesitation at the start of the 2000’s, and disappearing without much of a death rattle into nothingness. Sure, there are exceptions, most of them plucked from the obscure, “indie” defined, accidentally stumbled on via Netflix variety, but for the most part their inclusion in my list of choices has declined to near extinction. What has become of the cinematic love story? Did we leave our love of love back in the 90’s?