We make a little history :: SOTD


We talk about it all night long,
we define our moral ground,
but when I crawl into your arms,
it comes tumbling down.”

(#ThrowbackThursday – old writing of mine)

by me
originally written in September 2004

You may think I forget
how your name looks written
next to mine

the way our words overlap
in an echo of footsteps
and story tales

the sound of laughter
sewn together
into a blanket of stars

I still re-read the letters
spot you between the lines
an unspoken language
dream speak

you may think I forgot
how to make your soul blush
despite the tangle of regret

But love
how could I ever forget

The Ship Song (live) :: Nick Cave

7 thoughts on “We make a little history :: SOTD

  1. Beautiful: I think this may have been one of the poems you share with me in Chicago. Love the last stanza, it’s three line stanza going through out until the last where the two lines mirrors the speaker’s connection with her former lover. Brilliant!

    1. Yes, I think I did share it with you then. Thank you for your remarks on the style. Funny, when I wrote this it was not for a former lover, but a current one, but reading it now it feels like it is meant for a past love, doesn’t it? Interesting.

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