But this is your heart :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Penny’s Game” :: Art by Amy Sol

The night was all you had,
you ran into the night from all you had,
found yourself a path upon the ground;
you ran into the night you can’t be found.”

by me

The night whipped around us
shattering both distance and trepidation
nothing to do but link arms
and brave the cold

Huddling close to each other
we traded marked cards and fortune’s memories
wandering through the tangles of expectations
hearts beating like a soldier’s drum

losing our way together

They say that things turn gold at sunrise
clear skies welcoming wingspan freedom
in those enlightened
will we turn away to run

Our shadow selves play hand games in the night
my monster throws rocks as yours battles with pen
and paper
they growl and claw at the things we never say

Desolation bleeds out on the ground beneath us
we slip and slide in it
dirtying our hands as we try to break each others fall
battle scars will soon turn into vows

Because no one will come for us now
not in this collapse of night sky
the city she’s just a distant clatter and clang
we’ll make it back in time to hear the last rattle

finding ourselves together

Laura Palmer :: Bastille

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