Keep Art Alive :: :”Neophyte” :: Art by Aaron Nagel

“Dreams unwind,
love’s a state of mind.”

The Day’s Break
by me

They drive through the hills at the break of dawn
her hands shaking nervously in her lap
his firmly on the wheel
steering them far above the broken city below

She knows these streets like the inside of her dreams
she knows him just the same
but tonight they seem to be wearing the skin of strangers
wordless promises breaking with each minutes passing

The stars are easier to see way up here
truths and lies easier to recognize
and reconcile
they bathe in all the tearing away

She wants to go back to the start of the song
she looks over at him with her best wide eye plea
he is weak to this magic between them
even if it is flawed and fading fast

He takes her then
unraveling every thread of doubt
the seats bending back like his will
she loves him in return with reckless abandon

She craves his touch on her skin
more than any sustenance
she is like a desert drought stranded
and he is a mirage come true

And with this another day passes between them
she whispers “stay with me and I’ll give you everything
and nothing, he thinks
except all that this winged city will allow

Rhainnon (Guitar & Vocal Mix) :: Fleetwood Mac

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