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Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “B” 


Now we turn to the letter B for some “Friday Five” treatment. Oh B, how many things do I love that start with you? The Beatles and The Bangles, my adolescent to adulthood love of The Breakfast Club, bananas, breakfast, the beach, boardwalks, bicycle rides, other movies like Beautiful Girls and Broken English, and the “Before” series (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight). I could go on, and I bet you could, too.


As with the letter “A” a few weeks ago, narrowing down my favorite “B” songs to just five isn’t an easy task, so like with “A” I will put a spin on the list and add artists and bands that begin with “B“, too. Rules are nothing if not to be broken and bent (oh hey, both “B” words, too).


Here are my top five “letter B” songs for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five songs?

1. Back on the Chain Gang :: The Pretenders

“I found a picture of you,
oh oh oh oh,
those were the happiest days of my life.”

2. Burrito :: Pete Yorn

“Come on over tonight,
come on over this morning.”

3. Breathe Me :: Sia

“Be my friend,
hold me.
Wrap me up,
unfold me.”

4. Between the Bars :: Elliott Smith

“Drink up baby,
look at the stars,
I’ll kiss you again between the bars,
where I’m seeing you there,
with your hands in the air,
waiting to finally be caught.”

5. But Not Tonight :: Depeche Mode

“The stars in the sky,
bring tears to my eyes,
they’re lighting my way tonight,
and I haven’t felt so alive,
in years.”

CD_Covers_Collage_by_RobCoxxyHere are my top five “letter B” artists (with “B” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “B” artists?

1. Blue Jean :: David Bowie

“She got a police bike,
she got a turned up nose.”


2. Be Your Husband (live) :: Jeff Buckley

“Be your husband,
if you be my wife.”

jeff_buckley_1080p_wallpaper_by_toemass202-d6xjo6a3. Breathing :: Kate Bush

gets inside,
through her skin.
I’ve been out before,
but this time it’s much safer in.”


4. Big Time Sensuality :: Bjork

“It takes courage to enjoy it,
the hardcore and the gentle,
big time sensuality.”


5. Best Fake Smile (live) :: James Bay

“No you don’t have to wear your best fake smile,
don’t have to stand there and burn inside,
oh oh oh if you don’t like it.”


Here are my top five “letter B” bands (with “B” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “B” bands?

1. Bright Eyes

Bowl of Oranges

“So, that is how I learned the lesson that everyone is alone,
and your eyes must do some raining if you are ever going to grow,
but when crying don’t help and you can’t compose yourself,
it is best to compose a poem,
an honest verse of longing or simple song of hope,
that is why I’m singing…”


2. Belly

The Bees 

“So, I’m your best friend,
you love me and,
well, I’ll tell you something,
we’re on the road to messy.”


3. Band Of Horses

Blue Beard

“What if we die,
no end and no conclusion?
How could you smile?
Just walk away?
Well I don’t know,
I don’t know.”


4. Blur


“She’s a gun.”


5. The Bangles

Bell Jar

“But there’s a sadness,
hidden in the bizarre.
Moonlight and madness,
living in a bell jar.”

The Bangles: Prince gave them the song Manic Monday to record.

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