Tell me what you wanna know

Jenny was a Friend of Mine (live) :: Brandon Flowers

We took a walk that night but it wasn’t the same,
we had a fight on the promenade out in the rain.
She said she loved me,
but she had somewhere to go.
She couldn’t scream while I held her close;
I swore I’d never let her go

Not really a cover, as Brandon is the lead singer of The Killers, but certainly a re-interpretation. This is phenomenal.

I’d love to hear him do a session covering the entire Hot Fuss album now.


6 thoughts on “Tell me what you wanna know

      1. I love it, softer and still sad. A little bit of a 1950’s and country thing blending together and his vocals–okay I actually said to myself(in my brain) “omg why is he an angel?” haha.

      2. Awww. Angel Brandon. I agree. There is more sadness here, bittersweet, emotional. I seriously want him to do the entire Hot Fuss album like this.

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