This Woman’s Work :: Greg Laswell

Give me these moments back,
give them back to me,
give me that little kiss,
give me your hand.”

In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I’d share a cover of one of my favorite songs about Mother’s, a song that is also a unquestionable trigger for tears to me. This Woman’s Work delivers such an emotional punch, touching on loss and struggle, pain and persistence, and some of the undefinable moments and feelings that come with being a Mother. Though I have never found a cover to best Kate Bush’s original (one of my all-time favorite songs), Greg Laswell gives a tender version of it with his take on the song. The song takes a different tone to me, perhaps because it is a male voice singing it. The song then becomes more of a song sung to a Mother, one that feels to be gone, than how the original that always seemed more intimate and vulnerable to me (albeit, this is my interpretation of the song, when I listen). My favorite is the harmonies in the chorus, done in production with his own vocals, that is beautiful, and adds to the build of this interpretation. I also love the quiet start and end, with just the piano and vocal.


This Woman’s Work was written and performed by Kate Bush, and originally featured on the soundtrack of the American film She’s Having a Baby (1988). The song was released as the second single from her album The Sensual World in 1989 and peaked at # 25 in the UK Singles Chart.

The lyric of This Woman’s Work is said to be about the reality  of confronting an unexpected and frightening crisis during the normal event of childbirth. Written for the movie She’s Having a Baby, director John Hughes used the song during the film’s dramatic climax, when Jake (Kevin Bacon) learns that the lives of his wife (Elizabeth McGovern) and their unborn child are in danger. As the song plays, we see a montage sequence of flashbacks showing the couple in happier times, intercut with shots of him waiting for news of Elizabeth and their baby’s condition. Bush wrote the song specifically for the sequence, writing from a man’s (Jake’s) viewpoint and matching the words to the visuals which had already been filmed.

The version of the song that was featured on The Sensual World was re-edited from the original version featured on the film soundtrack. The version released as a single was a third, slightly different mix.

This Woman’s Work is one of several songs that were completely re-recorded on her 2011 album Director’s Cut. The new version features a sparse performance of Bush playing the piano and singing.

There have been other cover versions, as well, including one by Maxell, Hope, Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as others.

Do you have a favorite Kate Bush cover song? What do you think of this cover of This Woman’s Work? Have you heard any of the other covers of This Woman’s Work that you enjoy?

This Woman’s Work :: Kate Bush


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