Having trouble with my direction

Love Removal Machine :: The Cult "Fell to the red room because she was there, uh-huh-huh-huh, a scarlet woman, she got me in fear, yeah, yeah, yeah. She said, do all those things that you do to me, you know what I mean, boy; Do all those things that you do to me, yeah." Fucking love this song Friday

The Philadelphia Story (1940) :: MOTD

The Philadelphia Story (1940) Written by Donald Ogden Stewart, Waldo Salt and Philip Barry (original playwright) Directed by George Cukor “What’s this? Is it my book?” ~ Macaulay Connor “Yes.” ~ C. K. Dexter Haven “C. K. Dexter Haven you have unsuspected depth!” ~ Macaulay Connor “Thanks, old chap.” ~ C. K. Dexter Haven “But have you read it?” ~ Macaulay Connor “When I was trying to stop drinking, I read anything.” ~ C. K. Dexter Haven “And did you stop drinking?” ~ Macaulay Connor “Yes. Your book didn’t do it though.” ~ C. K. Dexter Haven

We make a little history :: SOTD

"We talk about it all night long, we define our moral ground, but when I crawl into your arms, everything, it comes tumbling down." (#ThrowbackThursday – old writing of mine) Untitled  by me originally written in September 2004 You may think I forget how your name looks written next to mine the way our words … Continue reading We make a little history :: SOTD

Pump Up the Volume :: MOTD :: Top 5 Soundtrack Songs

What makes an unforgettable movie soundtrack? Is it the mix of songs that are collected and offered up to take home and play, evoking the memories of scenes and characters every time you listen? Does the right soundtrack elevate the movie its from, sometimes taking on a life of its own, or at times is a good soundtrack even better than the film itself? For me, my favorite movie soundtracks play like a well-crafted mix or playlist. The songs start and fade, weaving together into something seamless, that delights and surprises.