Trying to fit your hand in mine :: SOTD


But now we’re sleeping at the edge,
holding something we don’t need.
All this delusion in our heads,
is gonna bring us to our knees.”

by me

hanging on tightly to the edge of the mattress
my knuckles white from trying not to fall
all this space between widens
until these early morning moments
dreams racing against the speed of fear

it is only then that I reclaim purchase of the gaps
reaching in the dark for your hand
until eyes open and my grip unfurls again

I drive along the familiar twists of anything but fate
sometimes I think these intersections will become crossroads
the devil and I have a lot to discuss
his cards are still in my back pocket
bent at the corners like how our fingers touch

but my eyes are lit by sunlight and regret now
when I look off into the distance
when I look away from you

I keep waiting for you to say when
floating in the half full glass house
carrying stones in my pocket ready to throw
but they weigh me down instead
turning security into quicksand

you don’t see me sinking
you don’t see me silently screaming

Let It Go :: James Bay

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      1. Live, but promo at radio station. Only did one song, but she was so close she could have strummed his guitar. She works for a company that iwns a bunch of radio and tv stations.

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