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You said you loved me,
and I kind of believe that,
but these days who knows what it means.”

Last Look
by me

The window pane is smeared from the week old newspaper we used to wipe it clean
but I can still see the city unfolding below
yes I can still see you walking away

We had this room to ourselves for a month of never ask why
for a split-second I believed it a home
but it was just a limbo stop along the way

But it still smells like that soap you like
and it still echoes the coffee fueled conversations off the pale grey walls
the ghosts of us are still tangled in these threadbare bed sheets

But the blurred glass is all we have to see through
and it fits this part of the story
the view as cloudy as the way we chose to love

If you look up now you can see me
singing these last words before I turn in the keys
we both know its time for us to turn this blur to fade

We both know this is how it ends

Last Words :: The Real Tuesday Weld

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