Beyond the Lights (2014)

Another music movie I watched this past weekend that I loved so much I watched it twice. Beyond the Lights managed to tell a story that isn’t necessarily new, and that could have been incredibly contrived and full of the hero saves the damsel in distress, but wasn’t. No, this told a story about two people who had allowed their “dreams” to be navigated, and scripted, by other people (in this case, one of each of their parents). These “dreams” eventually became shackles and stones tied tightly to them causing each to sink into their own potential demise. Continue reading Beyond the Lights (2014)

Carry me on and on :: SOTD

“Where I belong,
what I believe;
I been looking for something to carry me.
If I find what it is I need ,
maybe all this wandering round and around,
will follow me.”

Take Four
by me

These labels affix themselves
to words we’ve all been taught
are nothing but red letter shame
still I count the breaths between
the sound your wheels make
despite the eventual asphalt burn

You take my lousy sense of direction
shake and stir it into an inner damnation
just because I quit smoking
doesn’t mean I don’t still burn
and with each ash escaping into this polluted sky
well don’t it bring the prettiest of falling lights

So what if we are a crack in the foundation
a loaded pistol set to stun
holding hands with a cracked moral compass
just tell me you can carry me
through the torn wing purgatory ahead
in this city of collapsing angels

Didn’t the song say you gotta sin to be saved
they why don’t you come on by
and dirty up all this useless pride
rev your engine and take another pull of whiskey
I need you to carry me like an addiction
and you need me to write us into a god-damn lyrical refrain
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