Song One (2014) :: MOTD

I am a sucker for music movies, and stories about people's relationship to music, and their relationships set to music. Song One is one of those movies, a story about relationships and music, and the way that music weaves in and out of life and love. I knew I would love about fifteen minutes in, and the rest of the film kept me in its embrace, making me feel like I was part of it. I loved the way the story unfolded, the slice of life feel to it, and the intimacy in cinematography and plot approach. The characters, especially Franny (Anne Hathaway) and James (Johnny Flynn) were so understated. They played each moment with an economy of words, but an abundance of emotion that was wordless and powerful. Music painted the canvas they existed in, too, becoming a through line that the actions and reactions clung to. When the credits began to roll I wanted more, though I understood why it stopped when it did. It felt like a damn good song, over before you want it to be, leaving you wanting to hit replay and listen again.