The Breakfast Club (1985)

john bender

The Breakfast Club (1985)
Written by John Hughes
Directed by John Hughes

See you next Saturday.” ~ John Bender

One of my favorite movie endings, The Breakfast Club leaves us in a state of ambiguity. We are not certain at what happens next, beyond the knowing that John will be back next Saturday for another detention. I’ve contemplated often what happened on Monday when they all returned to school. I’ve thought up scenarios of where they ended up five years later, ten years later, twenty. But what I’m wondering today is, what about next Saturday? Do any of the “Breakfast Club” show up to be together with John? It struck me today that maybe they did, and maybe they continued to meet that way. I don’t know if the school would catch on, or if they’d even care, but perhaps that would have provided them a chance to be together without the overwhelming consequence of adolescent high school hallway drama. What do you think?

“Where’s your lunch?”


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