Bring it on home to me

Some time last year I split my blog up into multiple blogs, leaving this space to be solely devoted to music. The name of the space means lyrical discord, after all, but limiting the space, and splintering off in so many directions, meant that all the others tended to fall into neglect because this space here has my heart, and it is where I always return to. It is my writing home and try to focus my attentions on other writing, my education and a job change that is just about to start, I have decided to bring all the separate spaces, and lyriquediscorde off-springs and spin-offs, back home again.

This space will still have an over-arching music theme because music is central to me, it is my core, it is my oxygen, and it is the muse that keeps me writing and creating, and living. The space will still have regular features that have been around here since its inception, but it will have some crossovers and some artistic licenses, and hopefully the changes and challenges of putting all these different facets of me in one space will fuel my creativity, show more of who I am as a writer, and as a person, and it will hopefully continue to keep things interesting.

I’d love to hear any feedback you want to share, thoughts and ideas, and features you love and hope will stick around. Or, if not, I’d love you to keep reading through this evolution of lyriquediscorde.

And now some Sam Cooke, because every day needs a little Sam Cooke singing in it.

Bring it On Home to Me :: Sam Cooke

2 thoughts on “Bring it on home to me

  1. I really love Sam Cooke! “Nothin’ Can Change This Love” was the wedding song for my wife and I almost 20 years ago. Tried to convince her “Killing In the Name” would be a good choice, but she kinda disagreed. Oh well…

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