You’ve been starring in my dreams :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “The River” :: Art by Seth Armstrong

You’ve been blotting out my mind,
fooling on my time,
no, I won’t miss you, baby.”

Miss you
by me

In the intertwining tendrils of tangled hair,
and crumpled bed sheets,
the dream begins to take over again,
lifting my body into the air,
shrinking and shifting until all I can feel is my skin,
slipping through the crack in the left corner window pane,
finally free.

The spinning gets the best of me though,
as I start to fall,
breathing is never as easy as it seems,
when you are only half-conscious.

The water splashes loud like a car crash when I hit,
the impact breaking like windscreen glass,
my body lying limp on the ground,
like some film noir starlet,
nameless and mysterious like some re-written version.
I part my lips to let loose the nonsense in my mind,
cracking open.

The voices chatter from each corner,
as I strain to hear,
hearing is never as easy as it seems,
when you are presumed gone.

My arms flail at my side now,
spreading like wings,
moving without motion,
silent like my screams.
Can’t you see me shaking beside you?

Wake me up.
Bring me back to life,
like a cursed princess,
like a phantom,
like you always promised me.

I know you still sense me,
stealing all the covers,
exhaling the last line of the song we were playing just before sleep,
my lipstick staining your pillow case,
marking up your memories.

Don’t you remember how I feel?
don’t you miss me anymore?

Don’t you miss me, baby?

Miss You :: The Concretes

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