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Oh, you were a vampire,
and now I am nothing at all.”

Ageless Isolation
by me

It was the time of glass hearted lovers
and mirrored lights dancing up in the air
around the time she let him lead her astray
her eyes blurring and her skin catching fire
as he broke her wide open

The years they turned slowly then
an hour collapsing into another
each one a metallic moan to roll off her blood red lips
as she slips between the black lined eye boys
and girls that smell of hairspray and just lit cloves

Hold me close now
tell me your name
because its been so long since I knew the way it sounds

Another change and everything went flannel and rain cloud grey
guitar strings squealing into six feet of speaker reverberation
the impact an electro-shock to her waning heart
It would be so much easier to lie down next to him
hold the barrel still and straight
go together with just one bullet

Can you hear the crowds go wild
twenty-seven never anyone’s luckiest luck of the draw
the day the music died she screams up to the sky
after the plea of why didn’t you take me with you
into the comfort of a self-made oblivion
maybe they will all forget this box of heart-shaped goodbyes

Take the other hand now
they will all understand
because no one wants this brand of immortality to call their own

There’s blood on her hands
on the point of each crooked teeth smile
in-between the zeroes and twos
her life turning into another flashback weekend
just like today will eventually become

Never take the hand of infinity
because you will end up
with nothing at all

Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) :: Concrete Blonde

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