Pete Yorn’s You and Me California Tour


If you are in California you should go now and pick up a ticket to see Pete Yorn this upcoming April. The “You and Me” tour is a night of Pete Yorn with a guitar (and harmonica at times) and no defined set-list, just songs requested and songs that seem right each night. I highly recommend a show, or two, or hey, join lyriquediscorde and go to three of them.

From the post-show set-lists I’ve seen from other legs of this unique tour, there have been a lot of covers done, including songs from The Smiths, The Lemonheads, Bruce Springsteen, Junior Kimbrough and Warren Zevon. A great cover is the best thing ever, but a great live cover is even better than the best thing ever, and Pete Yorn is known for his great live covers so you really don’t want to miss this.

Here’s a sample of what you might here, recorded in November, in Washington D.C.:

Atlantic City/Murray (live)

and here’s one more, a favorite song of mine, recorded this past February, in Dallas:

Burrito (live)

So, yeah, what are you waiting for. Get your tickets here.

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