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A Little History:

Come On Feel the Lemonheads, by The Lemonheads, was released on October 12, 1993.

Although the album did not maintain the same popularity as the previous album, It’s a Shame About Ray, Come on Feel the Lemonheads reached # 56 on the Billboard 200, making it the Lemonheads’ highest ever chart position to date.

The album produced the singles It’s About Time, Big Gay Heart, The Great Big No and Into Your Arms, which reached # 1 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks for nine weeks (from November 6, 1993 to January 1, 1994) a record at the time in which they shared with U2.

Rolling Stone magazine said of the album on its release:

Dando delivers clever wordplay and deep, harmonious vocals. On ‘Paid to Smile’ he recognizes the landslide of poster-boy press he’s gotten, then brushes it off. He would rather sing about everyday stuff, like how water goes down the drain backward in Australia, the loss of his favorite T-shirts to former lovers and how it must feel to be a girl with razor stubble on your legs. The music surrounding these minitales is mainly melodic pop with a new-found country flavor, but like Dando, these sounds would rather have spur-of-the-moment fun than evoke deep passion.”


Paul Moody, from the NME, wrote in part of his review of the album:

In essence, then, ‘Come on Feel The Lemonheads’ is all it purports to be: a chance to dip into Evan’s jumbled-up, dope-smoking love-buggy of a life and celebrate it while we can, before things get too heavy and start working out. As Evan would no doubt tell you himself, why spend your life under a cloud when you can pack up your jeans, T-shirt and sneakers and be somewhere on the other side of the world if you try hard enough.

Time, then, to behold one of pop’s great dreamers. Long may he daze.”

The album featured main band members (at the time) Evan Dando, Vess Ruhtenberg and Devon Ashley, along with some help from Juliana Hatfield.

The Lemonheads 1993

What Makes This “Quintessential” to me?

I can’t remember which came first, me falling in love with The Lemonheads and the album Come on Feel The Lemonheads, or me falling in love with the short-lived television series, My So-Called Life (which came out a year later to this album’s release), and the music from it, most especially Buffalo Tom and The Lemonheads. I can’t seem to listen to this album without memories and feelings about the show, and the friendships I forged through being a fan of it. I remember hearing the cover of Mrs. Robinson on the radio, and an amazing live version of My Drug Buddy (my favorite Lemonheads song ever) on a KCRW radio compilation, but it wasn’t until this album, and/or My So-Called Life, that I found myself really hooked on Evan Dando and his music.

This is my favorite of The Lemonheads album, the one that I listen to the most often, and that I tend to go to for songs to fit into playlists and mixes. I love every song on the album and they are all ones that I just have to sing-a-long to. Come On Feel The Lemonheads is in my top-five all-time albums that will always cheer me up.

This album also can be credited for the start of my long-standing crush on Mr. Dando.


My Top 5 Favorite Songs:

1 Great Big No

She’ll be right,
they always go bye the bye

2. Being Around

If I was a haircut would you wear a hat?
If I was a maid, could I clean your flat?
If I was the carpet would you wipe your feet,
in time to save me from mud off the street

3. It’s About Time

Patience is like bread,
I say,
I ran out of that yesterday

4. Dawn Can’t Decide

And you strike,
strike the right chord,
the right chord in me.

5. Paid to Smile

“Would you really say, hello?
And let me carry my own guitar?”


29 thoughts on “Quintessential Albums :: Come on Feel The Lemonheads :: The Lemonheads

  1. Have seen Dando a bunch of times. Usually puts on a pretty good show. You should try and track down the single for Mrs Robinson. It has acoustic versions of “Being Around” “Into Your Arms” and my personal favorite “Divan”.

      1. Weird thing, he hasn’t changed much, so his shows now pretty much have the same set list as the late 90’s. You might even get lucky as he sometimes tours with Juliana Hatfield which adds more energy.

      2. I’d love if he showed up at Juliana’s show I’m going to this Monday!!! I’ve seen her a few times – but never Evan (yet)…hopefully someday…

      3. Sorry, but I think his tour is in Europe right now, but I’m sure he’ll be back around. I know where I am (Toronto), he is here every couple years.

  2. “The Great Big No” kiiiilllls me. I <3<3<3 it so much! Obviously I like this album but I forget how much until I play it and how much it reminds me of middle school. Excellent choice! This is one of my favorite albums for sure. I love Hotel Sessions too because it's kind of the demo of this album and I love the soft version of "The Great Big No" on it<3!

    I definitely relate this with MSCL too which I can't get enough of…maybe…you should…do some more features on that television show(not a subtle hint!)

    I think it was just Dando, Dalton and Ryan then. Some of those band members are the originals that quit a few years before and then some are recording/touring members from after the mid-2000s. There have been soooooo many band members, attached, recording musicians it's insane…wonder if any them will ever stick and stay. Do you remember that "Half The Time" video where I wondered who the heck those dudes were? Did I ever remember to tell you I figured one of them out? That was the weirdest thing! Too many memmmbers.

    Love the album, love the post!

    Oh and Belinda!! For cryin' out loud. Love her on it.

    1. Yay for your epic comment!

      I took out the other band members. The source I got that from was apparently wrong wrong wrong.

      What kind of stuff would you like to see me write about MSCL? I could go crazy with all the things I could write about it….happily.

      Great Big No <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love it so much.

      1. Ugh that’s happened to me so many times–I have to bust out the old CDS sometimes to check the insert because I can’t find accurate information on the stupid internet!

        Hmmm MSCl…ANYTHING! Here’s one of the reasons I love when you write about movies, music, tv & My So Called Life. You mix the factual & informative with personal and make it sound like I’m reading something in Sassy or Jane magazine or hearing your thoughts over a cup of coffee. There are so many websites and blogs that tackle these topics especially MSCL but they’re the same thing over and over. Too generic or too impersonal & it loses something. (Hope that makes sense!) You always strike a right balance whether you mix the history with the personal or are heavy on one vs the other…it’s always right.
        I love reading about MSCl analysis, comparisons to real life and relate-ability, the music, the writing…I’m probably giving you too broad examples here.
        I started watching the series again last night and made it 5 episodes in and it just seems there is SO much to talk about. I just eat it up!
        So I suppose if you were to ever indulge yourself in more MSCL for blogging purposes I’d love to read about your thoughts on the series whatever they may be=)

        When is your JH3 show?
        something tells me I should go proof-read this comment but I’m not going to bye!

      2. I’m thinking of doing an epic MSCL series here – one episode at a time – but I’ve worried that it may bore most people…but then I think, who cares, this space is mine 🙂

        My JH3 show is TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Expect a review and hopefully lots of photos!!! I’m soooooooo excited.

        I actually just heard she was here 3 days ago and was so grateful that tickets were still available. I had NO IDEA she was here until I bought my Pete Yorn tickets for the Roxy and saw it on the page at the same time – I flipped out!

      3. Holy crap that was close, good thing you bought those Pete Yorn tickets!
        Have the best time, looking forward to the review!! (& to the epic MSCL series if you decide to go for it!)

      4. I’m thinking I’ll do a compare/contrast as the first time I saw JH was at The Roxy and she played much of this album then…so might make a nice framework…but we’ll see, the show may take me into a different direction.

      5. That will be really cool=) We shall see what happens! I hate to say it but I’m not that into the new album. I assumed it would be new material but it’s songs from her last two albums, her solo one and Minor Alps, so that both surprised me and bummed me out. I’d rather hear a brand new original album. That being said I think these songs will go over GREAT live. It s u c k s they are not coming around here. Can’t wait to see how it goes! =)

      6. EUREKA! The magazine w/Dando is the UK GQ Style Festival Special. Now I just need to hunt down a copy and/or burn down Barnes & Noble.

      7. I’m going to check B&N because it’s the only book store in my area that I know carries European magazines. They usually have a few UK publications including GQ. I’ll let you know if I find it there. I’d love to go to a locally owned book store but there are few and they don’t carry anything that isn’t American or maybe Canadian, drats.

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