Keep Art Alive :: “Heartbreaker” :: Art by Jolene Lai

Said ‘I’m not scared’.
Turned to her and smiled,
secrets in his eyes,
sweetness of desire

Cataclysmic Kiss
by me

We speak in secret languages
conversing between each other’s legs
in tongues and tales of wonder
until the earth shakes itself free

You hold me after
the taste of your deliverance still on my lips
and whisper “I wish I’d known you then

But we are not what if’s
we are right now
with all the knots and snarls
the wide eyed innocents that may drown
in the crest of this rising tide

I respond with a silent reverie
curling my body closer into yours
fitting together like earmarked book pages

I love you never spoken
I need you never said
every time a first time and a last

Then the shaking starts again
the earth opening like my legs
like yours
we are apocalyptic lovers
burning existence into ash and fire

Take your heart out
take mine, too
strike a match and hold it very still
this kiss will extinguish everything

Is This Desire? (live) :: PJ Harvey

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