I’m gonna carry me away :: SOTD

“Make it 7:09 California time,
whoever said it was a small world was either a liar,
or a fool,
’cause it’s not true.
And any promise we make,
is as easy to break,
as the plastic people on your wedding cake
so says you;
but you know, I do.”

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The National :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

The National :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

All the Wine was my first time with The National. The song, All the Wine, was introduced to me by a lover at the time, and friend all the time, who sent me a YouTube video link of it. My first impression, besides initial confusion (the YouTube video had a still picture of a James Brown Christmas album through the entire song), was one of enthralled awe for the singer’s voice. There was something unique about it, calm, yet edgy and dark, soothing, yet disarming all at once. I played the song over and over, albeit some of that was due to sentiment and that flush of attraction when first in love, but even after we split and time went by, I kept returning to it, playing again.

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