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You float like a feather,
in a beautiful world;
I wish I was special,
you’re so fucking special.”

Stay/Go (at 4am)
by me

4am standing here
palm flat on your door
knowing that I should stay away
cling to a silent exchange of nothing at all

But sleep evades in this unseasonably warm city
and you are there on the other side
teasing songs from a pawn shop guitar
tongue-tied and chained to that ever-loving “right thing to do”

You stand there on the other side from me
the other side of everything we should be
heartbreak beats slicing apart the hour
my knock the last refrain you have yet to let land on the strings

And here we are
sleepy eyes lined in a blood red shade
daring each other to say come in or leave
take me in your arms or just say this is over

The sun will rise over wrinkled bed sheets
you know we never look for answers when we tangle up together
when you become the waltz rhythm dancing inside me
when all I can do is scream out your name

My voice will shake the walls around us
the next LA earthquake caused by three beats and a spin
you make even my breathing seem like the next note to play
I bend so easily under the weight of you

I’m not supposed to be here becomes our version of hello
I don’t belong here an unspoken goodbye
because this kind of thing requires its own language
and we write it out so well together

You take my poetry
my nonsensical prose
set it on fire
turning it into something to be sung

And oh how you can make me sing

I should go
you know I shouldn’t stay
this time of not quite morning is meant for freaks and felons
and the cheaters of love

But it’s 4am
and I can’t stand the way my skin feels
without yours
so let me in or finally just tell me to go

Creep (live) :: Chrissie Hynde

4 thoughts on “Whatever makes you happy :: SOTD

  1. Wow! Fucking Amazing. “this time of not quite morning is meant for freaks and felons
    and the cheaters of love” this line is seriously one of the best things ever written in the last 20 years. Definitely one of your GREATEST poems. EVER! Start sending your work out. Your poems need to be read.

    1. Wow…really? This one you feel this way about? I didn’t even stop when I was writing it, or edit it, or anything – I thought it would come out terribly disjointed. Thank you so much. I’m kinda taken aback that you feel this way about this one – THANK YOU. I have no idea where to send any of it though, but I definitely want to.

      1. This one, and some of the other ones you’ve written lately have been your best. Your voice is growing stronger, more vividly vibrant and powerful on the page. Why do you feel taken a back? It’s so real like a lyrical snapshot that oozes with true emotions and reflective refrains. Keep writing and send your stuff out. There’s lots of fb groups that list Calls for Submissions. Just start sending your work out, today!

      2. Thanks so much for the support and kind words and enthusiasm, A. I was only “taken aback” because I didn’t feel like I put a lot of work into this one, it just kind of poured out of me – though perhaps that is what makes it resonate. I like that you described it as lyrical as I’ve been playing at lyrics recently. I will search out some calls for submission this week.

        Thanks again, A.

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