Quintessential Albums :: Until the End of the World Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Quintessential Albums :: Until the End of the World Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Various Artists)


A Little History:

Until the End of the World (German: Bis ans Ende der Welt) is a 1991 drama science fiction film by the German film director Wim Wenders; the screenplay was written by Wenders and Peter Carey, from a story by Wenders and Solveig Dommartin. An initial draft of the screenplay was written by American filmmaker Michael Almereyda. Wenders, whose career had been distinguished by his mastery of the road movie, had intended this as the Ultimate Road Movie.

The soundtrack to the film was released in 1991 on Warner Bros. Records. One song on the album, U2’s Until the End of the World, had been previously released on that band’s 1991 album Achtung Baby. All of the other songs were original contributions, although some appeared on subsequent albums or greatest hits albums by the participating artists.

The album featured nineteen songs from the film. There were nine other songs used in the film that do not appear on this soundtrack album, including Peter Gabriel’s Blood of Eden and Elvis Presley’s version of Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Julee Cruise’s version is on the soundtrack album).


What Makes This “Quintessential” to me?

Sometimes a movie comes along whose soundtrack transcends it, and stays with you far longer than the film ever does. Though I did love the film itself when I saw it, much of it has blurred in my memories with the exception of some visual imagery, and one vivid scene in the desert. The soundtrack, on the other hand, feels burned in my memory bank until the end of the world (pun intended). It is still a go-to album of mine, and there are many songs on it that reside on my all-time favorite songs list.

I feel an attachment to songs like Summer Kisses, Winter Tears and What’s Good and Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed that is unshakable, and Nick Cave’s (I’ll Love You) Till the End of the World shakes me to my core and make me cry every time I listen to it. It reminds me of one of the most memorable loves of my life.

Listening to the soundtrack just now makes me want to re-watch the film soon.


My Top 5 Favorite Songs:

1.  (I’ll Love You) Till the End of the World :: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I sang a song for the glory of the beauty of you,
waiting for me,
in your dress of blue

2. Until the End of the World :: U2

“You lead me on with those innocent eyes,
you know I love the element of surprise.”

3. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears :: Julee Cruise

“The fire of love,
the fire of love,
can burn from afar.”

3. Calling All Angels :: Jane Siberry & K.D. Lang

“We’re trying,
we’re hoping,
but we’re not sure how.

5. Fretless :: R.E.M. 

“Don’t talk to me about being alone.”