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You live your life,
you go in shadows,
you’ll come apart and you’ll go blind.
Some kind of night into your darkness,
colors your eyes with what’s not there

by me

We are fading now
fading fast
fading into nothing much at all

You blacked out the windows
a hotel room trick you learned on the road
turning every moment between us to midnight

It is ever so much easier to sin in the dark

And you promised me a future
without the chains of the past weighing us down
you promised me the room to run free

But this isn’t freedom
all this cloaked over light of day
it is nothing but one more way to hide

And we are fading now
yes we are fading as fast as we began
very soon we will be nothing much at all

Hold on tight
while I turn around and let you go

Fade Into You :: J. Mascis

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