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Fall at Your Feet :: Clare Bowditch

The finger of blame has turned upon itself,
and I’m more than willing to offer myself.
Do you want my presence,
or need my help?
Who knows where that might lead;
I fall.

I stumbled upon this amazing cover compilation album called She Will Have Her Way – The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn, and I cannot get enough of it, most especially this version of one of my all-time favorite songs, Fall at Your Feet. Clare Bowditch gives the song a different layer, a complexity, and a story that wasn’t there before. The song is still as haunting as the original, but there is also a desirous side, sensual and warm, and gorgeous. For me, this version tells a different story.


Fall at Your Feet is originally a song by New Zealand / Australian group Crowded House from their 1991 album Woodface. It is the only single from Woodface to be written solely by the group’s leader Neil Finn, who co-wrote all other singles from the album with his brother Tim Finn. It peaked at # 17 in the UK, making it Woodface’s second most successful single behind the follow-up, Weather with You.

Fall at Your Feet was later released on the group’s greatest hits collection Recurring Dream and was performed at the group’s farewell performance in 1996, Farewell to the World.

The track has been covered by dance act CM2 with vocalist Lisa Law, English singer-songwriter James Blunt, English pop punk band Busted, and flamenco guitarist Jesse Cook with singer Danny Wilde.

The song was also covered by Renée Weldon, Nick Seymour and Conor Brady for the soundtrack to the 2005 Irish drama Trouble with Sex. It also was covered by Glenn Richards (Augie March) for the soundtrack to the 2008 Australian film The Black Balloon.

In 2010, Boy & Bear covered Fall At Your Feet for a Finn Brothers’ covers album, He Will Have His Way (companion cover album to She Will Have Her Way – see above) which came in at # 5 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2010.

Fall at Your Feet :: Boy & Bear

(I prefer Clare’s, but I like this one, too)

You’re hiding from me now.”


Do you have a favorite Crowded House, or other Neil and Tim Finn cover song? What do you think of these?

Fall at Your Feet (live) :: Crowded House

5 thoughts on “I think that I’m beginning to know her :: Under the Covers

  1. I just heard of Clare Bowditch last year so I’m glad I actually know who you’re talking about. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of Gin Blossoms “As Long As It Matters” and certainly vice verse since GB’s came after. I think I like both covers you posted.

    1. I’m not sure I’d ever heard of her before finding this cover song.

      I hadn’t noticed the similarity between the Gin Blossom song before – interesting.

      1. Another blogger, Australian, saw her with Adalita and I’d read the review and checked out her music further and she’s got a lovely voice. I ended up finding that album on youtube too and went through the covers and it was enjoyable.

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