I made a wish for a sky full of fish :: SOTD

snakes, snails, and fairytales

Keep Art Alive :: “Snakes, Snails & Fairytales” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

‘Cause sometimes,
it rains fish,
from the sky,
and the statues all start to cry,
and someone writes another beautiful song

(#ThrowbackThursday – old writing of mine)

Like a Coin-Operated Lullabye
by me
originally written in July 2004

Five steps to the next disaster,
five more steps to a dizzy debauchery,
and he was you,
yes, darling, and you were me.

These tricks of the trade,
a striped violin playing lines,
dance around your legs,
your hands,
without you I’m nothing but sand.

Reeling and forgetting names,
the drizzle drop trickle,
her name is Rio and she keeps on dancing.

Days go by without tearing the pages,
down, dear dark one, down farther still,
you leave lipstick marks on my ankles,
criss-crossed tic-tac-toe stains.

On your elbows, your eyelids
lies the shadow of my dreamscape,
my post coital recall
while you sleep soundly in someone else’s story.

Pour me another, my monkey twin,
pose your best pout for me,
then twirl, spin, and twirl again,
without the onset of a recovery in sight.

We will be the sun,
or we will drown in this counter side fishbowl,
this high rise to nowhere,
burning brighter than the Devil ever could.

Mysteries of the Unknown :: Tanya Donelly

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