Keep Art Alive :: “Strangers” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

I don’t need a better thing,
I’d settle for less.
It’s another thing for me.
I just have to wander through this world,

I’ve been on this ledge before
this precipice of fight or flee
these vines of vows tightening their hold
until I start to feel nothing at all

This time you were the one to give up
or maybe you were never really in it at all
just a shallow shell of a man I thought I knew
filled up on reruns and everyone else’s cover of a song you don’t even know

I think I was a version of someone who got away
a sense of self you lost so long ago
and thought you could regain

But what did I think this all could be
a foolish attempt to do it right this time
the line-drawing sketch of stability traced with the wrong hand
my last ditch effort to be somebody’s forever

This time I see the red flags on the horizon
and the fire door left open for my ready set run
our intentions don’t even matter anymore
and anyway all the naysayers at the gate bet against me at the starting line

I think you were the roll of gauze to stop the bleeding
a sense of gain in the midst of so much loss
something I swore I could believe in

At least I have music
and skin as thick as the smog in the sky
I’ve fallen like this before
I’ve learned to live with the scars
and I sure know how the broken girl sings

Lose You (live) :: Pete Yorn

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