after dark

Keep Art Alive :: “After Dark” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

And you know you never will know this,
but you are already my kill.
So baby,
fire at will

Never a Fire
by me

We were never a fire
so I could never get burned
at least that’s what I sing
as I douse the flames that spread
up my arching spine

I call you by your middle name
that way you can never be found
at least that’s what I swear
as I whisper it like a confession
into my blistered palms

The sun sets over that cursed pier
a smoke-stained reminder lighting up the sky
even the days burn out eventually
the blaze nipping at our heels
as we hit the gas
as we head to the edge
as the wheels spin out faster than we can scream

But we were never a fire
not after the water took our names
washing us clean
turning us into nothing but sea foam
and midnight ash

Bed on Fire (live) :: Butch Walker

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