Death Cab For Cutie :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Death Cab For Cutie :: My Favorite Artists/Bands Transatlanticism was an album bought on a whim one afternoon when I'd gone to a record store on my lunch break to browse, pick up some new music, and cheer myself up. Ever since I was a very young girl I have always associated record stores with mood lifting, as my Mother used to take me with her to visit the music any time she was down, or needed to reconnect, or sometimes just because. It was one of those days, stresses at work, problems at home, and I was in desperate need of some musical therapy. The name of the album, and the striking cover, are what drew me to the album, so I bought it "sound-unseen", and it when I slid it into my car stereo's CD player and hit play, and The New Year started to play, the healing began.