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“Well, you can’t get what you want.
but you can get me,
so let’s set out to sea, love.
‘Cause you are my medicine,
when you’re close to me.”

(thanks to MusicInsanity for the reminder of how much I love this song)

Don’t Forget/Forget It All
by me

We twist and tug at the fraying threads that make-up the made-up picture of me and you
written by everyone, and no one, and just us two
all of it started so easily once upon a melancholy morning

You with a three-day nearly there beard
laughing at a barely spoken comment I’d made
an intentionally unintentional brush of your arm on mine

We stalled in the walkway
staying a beat longer than the conversation required
our eyes open wide despite the blinding sun

Or did it blind us
right then and there
to each other

You would later say it was right then that you knew
and I would crinkle my nose and pretend to disagree
lying about loving the side-effect of too many cautionary tales

That morning though it all seemed so terribly simple
a brown-eyed boy with calloused guitar string fingers
and a girl with a still intact book of daydreams

All my ragtag baggage would shadow every step I would take
tongue-tied tangling up all the words I always meant to say to you
like you are the melody that is forever playing in my head

You are my bottomless cup of coffee
my endless lyrical refrain
and the one thing I keep letting go of

We bend and break amidst all the false starts and unsent wish you were here with me sentiments
written by everyone, and no one, and just us two
all of it threatens to end so regretfully on this melancholy morning

On Melancholy Hill :: Gorillaz

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