My Top Songs to Play at My Funeral :: MusicListography

List the songs to play at my funeral
courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists
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Just looking out on the day of another dream :: SOTD

“Well, you can’t get what you want.
but you can get me,
so let’s set out to sea, love.
‘Cause you are my medicine,
when you’re close to me.”

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Grant-Lee Phillips :: My Favorite Artists

Grant-Lee Phillips :: My Favorite Artists

Mighty Joe Moon, Grant Lee Buffalo’s second album, was my first encounter with Grant-Lee Phillips, though I do think I’d heard Jupiter and Teardrop, from their debut album, Fuzzy, on a mix tape that a friend of mine had made me before I’d left on a road trip to San Francisco. Regardless, it is Mighty Joe Moon that I remember distinctly as my first time with Grant-Lee’s songwriting and folk/rock/alt-country/and something else entirely sound.

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