You’re gonna be the one that saves me :: Under the Covers


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Thomas Saliot

Wonderwall (live) :: Ryan Adams

I don’t believe,
that anybody
feels the way I do,
about you now.”


Wonderwall is a song originally by English rock band Oasis, written by the band’s guitarist and main songwriter Noel Gallagher. The song was produced by Owen Morris and Gallagher for their second album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?.

Gallagher originally claimed the song was written for his then-girlfriend, Meg Mathews, as he told the NME in 1996: “It’s about my girlfriend, Meg Matthews.” However, after Gallagher divorced Matthews in 2001,he changed his story, claiming the song was not about Matthews: “[the song was] about an imaginary friend who’s gonna come and save you from yourself.”

The song was released as the third single from the album in October 1995. Wonderwall reached the top ten on 13 charts, including topping charts in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, as well as # 2 in their native UK Singles Chart. The single was certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry and certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The song’s title was appropriated from Wonderwall, a 1968 film whose soundtrack (Wonderwall Music) was provided by George Harrison. It remains one of the band’s most popular songs.

On June 9, 2013, it was voted # 1 on Australian alternative music radio station Triple J’s “20 Years of the Hottest 100”.Many Besides Ryan Adams cover (see above) recorded in 2003, folk singer Cat Power, and jazz musician Brad Mehldau have covered the song.

It took a long time for me to ever come around to liking Oasis. Partially this was due to the distaste I developed for the Gallagher brothers, especially when they seemed to do nothing but fight and spew hateful words about other bands in the press. The part of my distance kept from their music was from the connection I had to Oasis and an ex-lover who had been obsessed with them. Sometimes it is hard to shake the correlation music has to people from our past, especially if there is pain wrapped up in the memories.

Then along came this Ryan Adams cover which I fell fast and hard for. The more I listened to it the more I had to admit that it is a beautiful song, and that perhaps the Gallagher’s, or in this case Noel, were talented songwriters. It was this cover that mended my feelings for Oasis, and led me to listen to them again, on different terms.

Wonderwall :: Cat Power

This cover is amazing, too, and also helped change my Oasis-perspective. Thank you, Ryan Adams and Chan Marshall.

Wonderwall :: Oasis


14 Replies to “You’re gonna be the one that saves me :: Under the Covers”

  1. I love Oasis but I remember that “Wonderwall”, though a hit here, was also a big joke. They were not a “cool” band in the US and considered Beatles-wannabes and often the butt of jokes, a little like a teenybopper band and not taken super seriously. So many people forget that. And I don’t think because the masses saw them that way that means they’re good but there was so much negative attention around them it was tough to see through it. I remember listening to them on the bus to a soccer game once and somebody saying “You’re listening to OASIS?” and laughing because it was almost like saying “Nickelback is my favorite band!” now.
    I didn’t like the Gallagher brothers’ antics either and it turned me off to them more & more but whenever I hear their older stuff, my favorite, I realize again it’s brilliant. They’re not perfect honest people by any means but they are talented artists. I’m glad I enjoyed them then and I still like them now though I have no love for the Gallaghers which is weird considering they make the music, the music them especially Noel. More & more I find people forgetting all about Oasis’ reputation in the US back then and just embracing them now and the music they missed out on and I’m all for that! Good post & this cover is Amaaaazing!


    1. You make such a good point here, one I’d actually forgotten about because I have so much personal history with the band, I guess, but thinking back now I do remember when they were mocked here in the U.S., and coined a Beatles-wannabe band. Wonderwall, especially, was ridiculed a lot by friends I knew. Now the song seems revered, as the band does, as well – Brit Pop seems more embraced and loved now, then when it was first happening in the 90’s…full of all that nostalgia appreciation now, I guess.

      Ryan’s cover of the song is amazing, isn’t it? He brings out so much of the emotions in the lyrics, to me.

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      1. Yeah I mean certainly I don’t think they’re not good because some people made fun of them but there was a lot of judgment at the time if you admitted to liking Oasis but it seemed to start when What’s The Story Morning Glory came out for whatever reason. It’s all coming back to me!
        Good point with Brit Pop as a whole because I remember Blur getting some ridicule as well especially after “Song 2” but I felt more secure about Blur and I didn’t care what anybody thought. I’m not remembering standing in the lunch line at school with my friend Jen. We were chatting about the No Doubt concert we went to and somehow went on to Blur and the two older guys behind us were making fun of us and then said “Have you ever heard of Primus”, they thought they were so cool but lemme tell you I never ever get the urge to listen to Primus but I still like Blur.


      2. Pretty much my only exposure to Primus was playing Tony Hawk video games with my then boyfriend, and no, I was never really wanting to listen to them by choice, and don’t now, either – but I still listen to both Oasis and Blur 🙂


      3. Oh & absolutely Ryan’s cover is tops. He’s…what’s the word for his type of musicianship? He’s sort of knowing and …efficient but that makes it sound calculated, he’s just natural and his instincts are right with covers is how I’d put it I guess. I feel the same way for Evan Dando’s covers.

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      4. YES!!! Evan does it, too. It is an economy of sound or emotion, but still so FULL of emotion. It isn’t overdone, subtle, beautiful, memorable. There is respect to the original, but something so unique to them.

        My love for Ryan and Evan is neverending, I think.


      5. He has said in interviews that his brain never stops, which was why he did drugs for so long. He is non-stop though. I admire it, too…though I’m not sure if I could take it if my brain/creativity never paused…sometimes it gets that way/bouts of insomnia usually follow. 🙂

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      6. I’m NOT comparing myself to Ryan Adams but something that really bugs me is finding ways to let yourself(myself in this case) do what I want when I want–okay that sounds silly but what I mean is when a person works or raises children or both or whatever their situation is in life with their time and commitments or following a schedule it can be hard to tap into the creative flow. Because last night for example, I couldn’t sleep and I felt like writing so I did just that at 5AM and I felt inspired. I didn’t have to get up early to be anyplace so I stayed up until 630AM but in the past I’ve had to cut it off because I couldn’t just get up or stay up until 5AM and most people can’t either. I hate choosing between that urge to create something and work on it and following the timeline & rules of society to make a living. I have too many memories of writing or drawing or just feeling like I was coming up with something creative (and feeding my soul in the process really) on a rainy afternoon and having to stop and go work my shift at work. I HATE THAT!
        I totally understand your bouts of insomnia and there’s an upside to that and then a major downside since it throws other stuff (including us) into chaos and exhaustion. Blar! ❤

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      7. I woke up at 4am this morning and wrote until about 9am when the rest of my household woke up. Of course now I’m exhausted and its barely 8pm, but when the muse hits sometimes you have to follow it…but…it can get in the way of regular life and jobs and all that. If only we could have grants to create, or benefactors, or something!!!


      8. We do need benefactors! or at least some sugar daddies! Do you remember that MTV reality show with the blonde guy from O-Town? I saw an episode that I always remember, he was sitting around and his Mom was supporting him. He felt like he couldn’t work and write at the same time. At the time I thought he was being lazy but then it clicked later that when something sparks you can’t always tap into it when you’re at work and then it’s gone. You have to be free. Then there’s those authors that work during every free minute they have aside from family and work to write but I can’t turn it on like that. =(

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      9. Sometimes I can turn on like that. Music helps. But sometimes the feeling or the idea or the muse or whatever its called hits and it is the most inconvenient time and place.

        Sometimes I feel like I should carry around a pad of paper, or a mini tape player, to get those ideas down…and then I forget to take one along.

        I forgot about O-Town! Oh my. I don’t think I ever watched it, but I remember when it was on.

        We definitely need benefactors!!!


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