My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of February 9, 2015


My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of February 9, 2015

It’s been a long while since I did one of these, so why not now.

1. Hindsight


Time travelling back to 1995? It’s like Reality Bites, if Laney married and divorced Troy, and was in her 40’s, set to marry again, freaked out, and then went back to change everything, but more than that, to go and hang out with Vickie (or My So-Called Life’s Angela going back to fix things, but mostly to hang out with Rayanne – I think you get what I mean). My favorite part of this show is the complex female friendship that is being explored, yes, I love the music and the idea of going back and doing it all differently, but its Lolly and Becca I tune in for the most.

Series Trailer

2. Afraid of Ghosts :: Butch Walker


Its been two weeks since this album came out and I seriously cannot stop listening to it. This kind of love/obsession for an album hasn’t happened in awhile, and I’m grateful to be feeling it and falling into it the way I am. I just hope Butch Walker comes to Los Angeles soon to play (please, please, please).

Butch Walker singing two songs off the album, Chrissie Hynde and Father’s Day

3. Samuel French Bookstore


Today’s chalk board theme, at Samuel French

I hadn’t been to Samuel French since my first year of college, when my friend and I used to go to get scripts and monologue collections for our theater classes, and I wasn’t completely sure it was still there when my twelve year old daughter, and her best friend, asked where they could get monologues for their drama club. I was beyond delighted to find it was still there, and just as amazing as I remembered it. There was an acting class going on in the side room while I was there, there were so many plays and cinematic books and scripts and journals and I could go on – I love bookstores so much.


4. Take Me Home (2011)


Joel from Parenthood wrote, directed and starred in a road trip/romantic comedy with is wife and I had no idea? Sam Jaeger is wonderful at all parts, and his wife is fantastic in this, as well. I have such a enormous love of “on the road” stories of unexpected friendship, and love – it is one of my all-time favorite cinematic tropes, without a doubt – and this one is definitely added to my list of favorites now.

Movie Trailer
(available to stream on Netflix)

5. Giving Up the Ghost by Eric Nuzum


This is a remarkable, yet very rough read, which is why I think its taking longer to get through than I initially expected. It is about the ghosts that haunt us in our lives, those we’ve lost, pieces we’ve lost in ourselves, and mostly about adolescence and the weight of depression and addiction and loneliness and love. There are times in this book where my emotions are so triggered that I have to stop reading, and I mean that in the best way – I’m a little over half way through and so far I highly recommend it (thanks, Bree, for sending it to me).


Another character (though this is a real person) I’ve encountered named Laura that is dead, and eerily looks a lot like how I looked at the age she is in this photograph

6. Agent Carter


I’m a Marvel fan, a Steve Rogers/Captain America fan, and I am definitely an Agent Peggy Fucking Carter fan, too. Though I am two episodes behind, I can still profess my love and admiration to a female-centric/female-hero television show set in the “cinematic” 40’s (like the first “Cap” movie). I wish it was a bigger hit, it should be a bigger hit, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?

Agent Carter clip

7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3 game)


We picked the full game of this up rather inexpensively via Gamefly (like under $15.00, I think), and I was ecstatic as I had played the first chapter online and loved it. I’m a huge fan of the Fables comic book series, as well as a fan of RPG’s where it is more decision-based, and less fighting (I’m really quite terrible at in-game fighting, and aiming). The game play makes me feel like I’m in the comic itself, which is pretty damn keen.

Game Trailer

8. Listography Book Series


I am a list lover, which anyone who knows me, and anyone who follows my blog, will attest to. The book above is my third in the series that I just picked up today (the other two my best friend sent to me at different times). These books are exceptional and perfect for any other list-obsessives, with awesome list themes, and cool art on each corresponding page to go with the theme.


9. The Walking Dead :: Season 5 :: “What Happened & What’s Going On


One of the most stunning and emotionally moving episodes of The Walking Dead than I’ve ever seen, visually, musically and in concept, and in subtext and meaning, it was all just amazing. Without spoiling (or at least trying not to do any spoiling), Tyrese got what Beth did not get, and we got to see The Governor again (sorry, I like him, but then again, I liked Shane, too). I’m not sure I can take the show and where I know it has to go, even though I know I will take it, but fucking hell it is hard on my heart and all my feelings.


10. Tonight You Belong to Me :: Eddie Vedder & Cat Power

Tonight You Belong to Me

I love cover songs and I love duets. I also love both Eddie Vedder and Cat Power (Chan Marshall). What I’m not often a fan of is ukelele, but I dig it here.


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