And you are my revolver :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Carolyn” :: Art by Kelly Haigh

The bell starts ringing,
a dog starts barking,
and you’re still missing,
still missing something.”

by me

He left his guitar behind
abandoned at her doorstep
with the ring he tried to give her
tied to a string of barbed wire

She had said enough
drawn a line in her blood stained lips
her skin still warm
from the heat of his breath

as he’d held her close
as he’d held her still

Take no prisoners
her Mother had always said
leave them breathless
always wanting more

But the bodies are starting to pile up now
regret becoming an inevitable ball and chain

She left her revolver behind
next to the nightstand Bible
with the bullets lined up one-two-three
her heart left in the gun powder residue

Escape is her prison
and she its only refugee

Revolver :: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan


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