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Keep Art Alive :: “Height and Distance” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

You were only waiting,
for this moment,
to be free.”

Silence the Crow
by me

Just a Maisy crazy tale
a girl
with a rip in her dress
in the ozone
in the pages
in her religion

cut her bare feet on faith
leaving trails of misplaced hope
blindfolded participation

it all makes sense
if you close your eyes
hang upside down
spin around

he stapled her wings to the floorboards
her nails etch new endings
beginning belief

the magician sends letters
you can slide through the cracks
make your body small
hide underneath

mother may I bakes loaves of regret
seasoned with the man who let her down
letting the apron strings fall

words start to move across a sky
oceans dividing
and coming together
he offers splinters of glass
cut off wires
to bleed her free

the armies they hunt for her
mark maps with ink dripping weapons
place an ambush under the skin

her mind becomes cluttered
insanity leaving graffiti on the stalls
tattooed insecurities
her breath catches on the claw
of memory
tangling strangling

they all know it
the hidden end
one day these weeds will win

Blackbird (live) :: Sarah McLachlan

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